Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland is the national agency responsible for the promotion of workforce learning in Ireland. Skillnet Ireland allocates funding to groups of companies in the same sector or region to deliver subsidised training for their teams. Through 65+ Learning Networks, they assist to Identify training needs specific to a sector or region. Find relevant, flexible and affordable solutions and to save money through shared costs and subsidised training. For more information go to


The Irish Retail Newsagents Association dates back to 1926, when a group of Dublin newsagents and booksellers formed the Irish Retail Newsagents, Booksellers and Stationers Association. Following on from this, the CSNA (Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association) was founded in 1988. For more information visit

In the subsequent years, many of our members developed their businesses beyond recognition extending their core source of income from newspapers and magazines to convenience stores, the forecourt sector and the mini-supermarket category. As a result of this progression, the CSNA was rebranded in May 2006, although the core values of the Association remain the same. This is an unconditional commitment to our members to support and represent them across all sectors of their business from improving workplace skills, to research in areas of development and training, to policies on tobacco, information on telephone top-up, Postpoint, Payzone changes and issues, as well as compliance and legislation updates.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should join CSNA:

  • CSNA will assist you in maximising profits
  • CSNA supports the retailer as a national level advocate
  • CSNA supports you, we listen to the concerns of our members and we respond
  • CSNA establishes affinity deals from which you will benefit and increase your bottom line
  • CSNA is independent, so your interests are our only interest
  • CSNA will be on your side at all times when the voice of the retailer needs to be heard
  • CSNA is one of the fastest growing trade organisation in the country – so get on board and enjoy the benefits!